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This website dates back to a "weblog" around 1998. In 1999 it took on a distinctive blue theme, and received sporadic updates until 2004. Spinoff projects included a Dungeons & Dragons website in 2003 titled Talen's Forge, and a Fullmetal Alchemist episode guide in 2004 named EdwardElric.com.

In 2006, Talen's Forge turned into a blog titled D20 Source, with over 500 subscribers at current. Jonnydigital.com remained without update until August 2008, when it undertook a radically minimalist style inspired by wiki Everything Shii Knows.

Everything Shii Knows makes a guarantee of validity:

Linked at the bottom of every Wikipedia page is this message: "WIKIPEDIA MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF VALIDITY". Everything Shii Knows does make a guarantee of validity. Everything on this website is my valid opinion. It is not written to attract Google hits, make money, or to anger you. This website contains no vandalism and no alterations from what I actually know. If I say something is evil, that's because I believe it is evil. If I tell you the history of Britain, consider it the same as if I had walked up to you on the street and told you all about it. This website is guaranteed honest.

Please accept this website in the same manner.

Page created: 14th August 2008